About Me!

Helloooo everyone!

My name is Aranya Iyer and I used to be a chubby kid. Why is that important? Well back then, it meant that I used to hate walking and thus used to feel like I was being dragged on birding trips with my avid birdwatcher of a father and my “I will be outside to talk with nature” mother.

But, like many chubby children, I got into losing weight and picked up a book about healthy eating and “Eating your way to happiness”—not exactly suitable for a pre-teen, but it got me hooked on science and all that it had the potential to do. Add a few amazing mentors from highschool (forever grateful for them) into the mix and you get me! A university student currently pursing Biology at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

My appreciation of birds really started in May 2013 when I was “awarded” my first pair of binoculars by my parents (mostly as a way for them to keep me busy so I wouldn’t complain all the time) and then I started following little movements in the trees, pointed them out to my father and before I knew it, I was seeing warblers and being praised by my parents for doing so.

Most of the time, I am still the one saying “LOOK SOMETHING MOVED!” and shamelessly incorrectly labeling the species I do see. But I am learning!! As a result, I started this blog to keep a track of all the birds I see…who knows, maybe one day this may be of help to me or even you!

Disclaimer: most of the photos on this website are graciously donated by my father and his lovely camera.

If you want to reach me, just hit the contact page!

Wishing you love and discovery!